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Account Numbers in Minutes

We provide accounts number to you and your landlord within minutes so you can get the keys to your new place!

Our Strength

Our Vision

Award Winning Service


Competitive Rates

A lot of people only know us for our low, competitive rates. While we’re proud to give our Customers the consistent savings they deserve, those who really know us understand low rates are only part of the story. With great service, loyalty rewards and the opportunity to earn Free Energy, our service is an amazing overall value.

Proof of Service Provided

If you are a leasing agent, you will have account documentation for your new move-ins within minutes on company letterhead.                 

Low Deposits (if required)

Many customers don't have deposits, but apartment deposits range from $40.00 and $160.00. (the two upper tiers can be split - half on day one and the balance on the first bill) 

Home deposits can be slightly higher.