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Wholesale Electricity

Ambit Wholesale Club
Buy Energy at Real-Time Wholesale Prices

Join the Club! With the Ambit Wholesale Club, you’ll have access to real-time wholesale electricity prices, without any markup.

Here’s some information about the plan*:

  • You must be a residential Texas Customer with a Smart Meter to be eligible for the plan.
  • Pay a daily club fee of $1.25, or 99 cents if you sign up for automatic payments and get access to wholesale electricity prices.
  • Energy prices are pulled directly from ERCOT Real-time pricing, please see the EFL for details.
  • Download our app with tools designed just for Wholesale Club members and use the app to monitor ERCOT real-time prices and manage your usage to capture savings. Use more when the price is low and less when the price is high.
  • Best suited for higher-use consumers of electricity.

Now you can get your electricity at wholesale prices with the Ambit Wholesale Club!

*The 99-cent daily fee applies to Customers enrolled in Ambit’s automatic payments. Customers not enrolled in automatic payments will be billed $1.25 a day to participate in the AWC plan. Please see the EFL and other plan documents for more information about the plan.

Customer Enrollment Checklist

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Leasing Agent has obtained permission from consumer to disclose their nonpublic personal information to MFSMC, LLC - Electricity.Guru. This release includes their phone numbers, new address, social security number and date of birth. The sole purpose for this release is to establish utility services for this prospective client. *It is required that all requests for service be verified by an independent third party. Third Party Verification 866-942-6248.

Questions or need assistance? Call Doug Parker (972) 816-1900

*It is required that all requests for service be verified by an independent third party.